This series is grounded in the knowing that All humans can access all of who they are. How? By tapping into your OWN HEART and GUIDANCE systems to help with CLARITY in your life challenges.

More importantly, to RECEIVE information and TRANSLATE it into our everyday lives.

Meet Your guides

harrison klein

a new system of thinking

Brian Besco

Transcending the Matrix

Catt Z. 

Access your Spirit through Cosmic Smashing!

MarBeth Dunn

How Intuition and Body Wisdom Help Smart Divorced Women Heal and Move Forward

Madison King

Empowering intuitive sensitivity for you and your pet

Christopher Tims

Accelerated Spiritual Evolution, The Eternal Way

Marla Leigh

Drum your soul Alive!

Titanya Dahlin

Opening up your Intuition through your Senses

Tracey Ash

Advanced MetaPhysics & Ascension

Matthew John

Connecting With Your Innate Higher Intelligence

Vandana Atara Aura

Awakening Your Cosmic Creatrix Potency & New Earth Priestess Mastery

Dr. John Demartini

Experience of Intuition

Lou Reed

Mind. Body. Soul Coherence.

Serenity Raven-Wolf

The GIFT of LOVE: How to Be Your Own Divinely Loving Presence for a Harmonious and Joy Filled Life

Britney Buckwalter

Evidential Medium and Professional Intuitive

Adrien Blackwell

Use Intuition to Create Miracles

Michael Mayo

The "How to" of Genuine Spiritual Connection

Dr. louis gates

The View Of Eternity

Dr. Thor Streeter

Chose it, Claim it, Own it

In this series, we will journey through Intuition, connection to your centre, what is preventing your connection and how to address and move into that which you desire.

These ways of knowing are not just for the magical mystical ones, All have the capacity to activate these dormant sensory systems and you can find out more via the new Spirit Whisperer series.

About Your Host

Cynthia J. Harrison: The Evocateur Of Soul, Who Midwifes The Moments - Birthing New Realities!

Cynthia is a Mystic, Medicine Woman, Author, Social Scientist, Energy Medicine Clinical Practitioner, and Ascension Specialist. 

With degrees in socio-cultural and medical anthropology, social work, and visual (Visionary) arts, Cynthia’s specialty is human behaviour: She focuses on the evolution of the human, Creative rEvolution utilising Energy (Biofield Medicine) and the Healing Arts for Transformation.

Awakening You to Re-Membering The Self Through Navigating Your Dimensions, Physically, Spiritually and Energetically – offering a complete mind, body, spirit experience.

© Copyright Cynthia J Harrison. All Rights Reserved.